About us: Meet the leadership team

Get to know our leaders who help guide our clients, manage our teams and drive our vision.

Leadership team

Fred Akuffo

Managing Director

Fred Akuffo on LinkedIn
  • Organisation and Programme Leadership
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • SCM Solution Architecture

Ben Jansen Van Vuuren

HR Director

Ben Jansen Van Vuuren on LinkedIn
  • SAP Programme Management
  • SCM Supply Chain Architecture
  • FMCG Supply Chains

Rick Lambrecht

Finance Director

Rick Lambrecht on LinkedIn
  • SAP Supply Optimisation
  • SCM Supply Chain Architecture
  • Global Supply Chain Transformation Programmes

Jim Houghton

Sales Director

Jim Houghton on LinkedIn
  • SAP Programme Leadership and Design
  • Supply Chain Transformation
  • Business and Programme Assurance

John Motts

Regulatory and Compliance Director

John Motts on LinkedIn
  • SAP Supply Optimisation and Network Planning Solutions
  • SAP Programme Governance and Leadership
  • Life Sciences Supply Chains

Peter Clancy

Technology Director

Peter Clancy on LinkedIn
  • SAP Technical Architecture
  • The Digital Enterprise and Cloud Landscapes
  • Integration Architecture and Techniques

Ian Brister

Marketing Director & Demand Practice Lead

Ian Brister on LinkedIn
  • Demand Planning Best Practice
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • SCM Demand Planning Architecture

Steve Rampton

Integrated Business Planning Practice Lead

Steve Rampton on LinkedIn
  • Architecting SAP Integrated Business Planning Solutions
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • SAP Architecture and Deployment Optimisation

Riaz Hanjra


Riaz Hanjra on LinkedIn
  • Production Planning in complex manufacturing environments
  • Development and deployment of advanced scheduling solutions
  • SAP SCM Architecture