About us: Meet the leadership team

Get to know our leaders who help guide our clients, manage our teams and drive our vision.

Leadership team

Fred Akuffo

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Fred Akuffo on LinkedIn
  • Organisation and Programme Leadership
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • SCM Solution Architecture

Ben Jansen van Vuuren

Founding Director

Ben Jansen van Vuuren on LinkedIn
  • SAP Programme Management
  • SCM Supply Chain Architecture
  • FMCG Supply Chains

Rick Lambrecht

Founding Director

Rick Lambrecht on LinkedIn
  • SAP Supply Optimisation
  • SCM Supply Chain Architecture
  • Global Supply Chain Transformation Programmes

Jim Houghton

Founding Director

Jim Houghton on LinkedIn
  • SAP Programme Leadership and Design
  • Supply Chain Transformation
  • Business and Programme Assurance

John Motts

Founding Director

John Motts on LinkedIn
  • SAP Supply Optimisation and Network Planning Solutions
  • SAP Programme Governance and Leadership
  • Life Sciences Supply Chains

Peter Clancy

Founding Director

Peter Clancy on LinkedIn
  • SAP Technical Architecture
  • The Digital Enterprise and Cloud Landscapes
  • Integration Architecture and Techniques

Ian Brister


Ian Brister on LinkedIn
  • Demand Planning Best Practice
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • SCM Demand Planning Architecture

Steve Rampton

IP Director & Anaplan Practice Lead

Steve Rampton on LinkedIn
  • Architecting Anaplan Connected Planning Solutions
  • Sales and Operations Planning with SAP IBP
  • SAP Architecture and Deployment Optimisation

Riaz Hanjra


Riaz Hanjra on LinkedIn
  • Production Planning in complex manufacturing environments
  • Development and deployment of advanced scheduling solutions
  • SAP SCM Architecture

Ruan van Vuuren

Integrated Business Planning Practice Lead

Ruan van Vuuren on LinkedIn
  • Strategic Business Value Engineering
  • Architecting SAP Integrated Business Planning Solutions
  • SAP Leonardo and IoT