Our expertise

There’s no substitute for experience when you’re looking for support in deriving maximum business value from IT-enabled change. Olivehorse senior consultants typically have over a decade in delivering SAP supply chain programmes. Our leadership team has a further 140 years’ experience delivering supply chain programmes at some of the world’s best-known companies.

SAP APO Supply Chain Management

At Olivehorse SAP APO is in our DNA.

Part of the SCM offering from SAP, APO offers a fully-integrated suite of modules which let you plan and coordinate your supply chain processes. It enables:

  • strategic, tactical and operational collaboration
  • co-operation between partners throughout the supply chain, from order receipt to stock monitoring and final shipment
  • constant optimisation and evaluation of the supply network’s efficiency

Ever since the first release of the product back in 1998, our team has worked with customers across the globe in some of the most complex and fast moving supply chains.

Whether it be in greenfield implementation, system upgrade, business restructure or focused improvement project, our expertise in both demand planning and supply optimisation will allow you to maximise your returns on investment. Our approach is based on engaging the relevant business leaders and end users at the earliest opportunity to deliver robust, value driven solutions.

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SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Integrated Business Planning platform is SAP’s state-of-the-art tool for cloud-based integrated supply chain planning.

SAP IBP offers unified planning across sales and operations, demand, inventory, response and supply as well as supply chain control tower dashboard analytics and monitoring.

SAP IBP was built from the ground up to leverage the power of SAP HANA, and delivers a planner centric user experience, with real-time dashboards, interactive simulation, embedded social collaboration using SAP Jam and Microsoft Excel-enabled planning tables.

Building on our heritage of expertise in SAP Supply Chain, Olivehorse has led the way in developing IBP advisory and implementation capability and services. We are already guiding clients in shaping their approach and have helped deliver one of the largest implementations of IBP for Sales and Operations in Europe.

Olivehorse is also one of the few partners who have their own IBP system, fully integrated with the Jam collaboration tool and ECC and APO systems via SAP HANA Cloud Integration. This integrated platform enables our customers to explore, at first hand, how IBP could fit into their landscape through rapid proof of concepts and demonstrations.

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Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)

DDMRP is a proven and rapidly-growing methodology which has shown success in reducing inventories and improving service across a broad spectrum of industries.

It works by decoupling the supply chain, creating independence between supply and demand. It means each node can operate efficiently, without the disruption of demand and supply variability, breaking the classic bullwhip effect.

Over the past few years we have implemented DDMRP in many manufacturing facilities. We know how to bring you the benefits of decoupling, whilst not impacting the value of your current SCM tools.

At Olivehorse we have a passion for taking innovations in supply chain planning and creating value adding solutions that work in the real world. That is why we have partnered with Demand Driven Technologies, offering Replenishment+ to our clients. It was the first DDMRP certified solution, a simple visual planning solution, easy to integrate into your existing ERP solution.

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Digital Supply Chain Enablement

At Olivehorse we have the technical skill base to underpin what we do through our consulting work. Over a diverse set of many projects and visiting clients with varying planning requirements, we just know what best practice is. Experience really is the difference.

At Olivehorse we have many hundreds of years SAP Supply Chain Delivery experience collectively. Drawing on this experience we have developed a set of accelerators that you can leverage to bring rapid speed to value.

We can offer our experience to enable your next generation cloud based digital supply chain enterprise – technology decision making, advice in software aspects such as security, scalability, reliability.