Anaplan – Connected Planning

Whether you are exploring Anaplan Connected Planning Solutions for the first time, looking to drive value from previous investments or looking for specialist advice on how to tackle specific issues, our flexible range of services are designed to allow you to make the most of our experience in the fastest and most cost effective way possible.


Anaplan is the leader in Connected Planning.

We at Olivehorse believe that Anaplan’s revolutionary and disruptive platform is ideal for building supply chain planning solutions that bring together the whole organisation to produce truly collaborative plans.

Connected Planning means that plans can update in real time to the ever more frequent changes that modern businesses are experiencing. The huge number of unwieldy, uncontrolled and unsecure spreadsheets used in many businesses can be replaced by Anaplan’s single Data Hub connected to the relevant systems of record. Users can be empowered with intuitive, browser based dashboards tailored to their role that can be built and owned by the business itself.

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