Demand Driven MRP, agile and reponsive supply chains

Whether you are exploring demand driven techniques for the first time, looking to drive value from previous investments or looking for specialist advice on how to tackle specific issues our flexible range of services are designed to allow you to make the most of our experience in the fastest and most cost effective way possible.

Adopting DDMRP

From push and promote to position and pull.

Are you struggling with excess inventories and poor service levels? Do you want a more agile and responsive supply chain?

DDMRP is a proven methodology which ensures inventory is available at the right place and time, thus compressing lead-times and improving stock availability. It achieves this through strategic placement, de-coupling supply chains and creating independence between supply and demand. This enables each node to maximise efficiencies by eliminating interference from upstream or downstream variability, forecasted or actual.

We offer one-on-one sessions to allow you to explore the DDMRP methodology and give you an opportunity to understand how our offerings and can fit within your existing landscape. Based on your data, our analysis and simulations can then calculate the benefits DDMRP can offer to your business.

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Adopting DDMRP

Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning

Olivehorse DDS&OP solution delivers (capacity) constrained buffers across your time horizon.

The first challenge experienced by many of our clients when implementing DDS&OP is the reconciliation of the supply orders between the Decoupled Lead-Time (DLT) and the DDS&OP horizon.

Another common challenge is managing complex production resources and distribution networks whilst using mixed planning methodologies (eg. MRP & DDMRP items sharing resources) and where complexity is too high to use simple heuristic/manual capacity solutions.

By projecting buffers across the entire planning horizon, we can create an unconstrained projected stock view based on Demand Driven Principles which is then used as an input to the time series optimiser to create buffer zone adjustments and ensures the supply orders between DLT and DDS&OP are aligned.

The Olivehorse DDS&OP built in SAP IBP has been certified by the Demand Driven Institute and allows businesses to leverage the benefits of SAP IBP Demand Driven Replenishment (DDR) and DDS&OP whilst integrating seamlessly with your existing S&OP process. The solution in addition to the SAP IBP DDR module will enable you to run DDS&OP using different planning methodologies and the Time series optimiser.

The DDS&OP compliance logo is a trademark of the Demand Driven Institute, LLC – all rights reserved. 

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Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning