Experts in SAP Integrated Business Planning

Whether you are exploring SAP Planning Solutions for the first time, looking to drive value from previous investments or looking for specialist advice on how to tackle specific issues our flexible range of services are designed to allow you to make the most of our experience in the fastest and most cost effective way possible.

Free IBP Taster Session

Your concerns…

  • Unsure about the value SAP IBP could bring to your business?
  • Never seen a live SAP IBP demo?
  • Unclear as to how SAP IBP fits in with other SAP products such as Advance Planning and Optimisation?

Olivehorse’s SAP IBP taster session proposition

A half day spent on site with your team where we can:

  • Explain the functions of the different IBP modules and their use cases
  • Demo key aspects of IBP live on our own system (incl. SAP Jam)
  • Discuss your current supply chain pain points and how IBP could provide solutions
  • Agree the next steps in your IBP journey

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Free IBP Taster Session

IBP Roadmap & Proof of Concept

Understand how to make the most of SAP Integrated Business Planning.

With the introduction of Integrated Business Planning (IBP), SAP supply chain customers now face even more choices in how they can develop their planning capability. The options can be bewildering, as can finding the best approach to meet a given need.

Our IBP roadmap services will help you navigate your way to the right solution for you. We will lead you and your team on a journey to explore and understand the possibilities enabling you to validate the fit for your needs and build consensus behind a shared future vision.

Understand whether IBP is right for you – Proof of concept in just six weeks

We offer accelerated proof of concepts in IBP for Sales and Operations and IBP for Inventory.  Based on a scope and agreed with you in advance, we will develop a solution and allow your team to explore how it meets your key requirements.

You won’t need to invest in a new system because we deliver the service on our fully integrated platform. If you decide to move to implementation at the end of the exercise, the proof of concept can be exported to your IBP instance to provide an accelerator for solution build.

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IBP Roadmap & Proof of Concept

IBP Education

Make sure your teams have the required expertise to select, implement and operate SAP IBP

SAP IBP covers a broad range of different business planning processes from S&OP to supply chain visibility with Control Tower. Coupled with that it is built on a new HANA based platform, integration technologies and browser and Excel-based user interfaces that are revolutionary in comparison to existing SAP solutions. Whichever stage you are at in your IBP journey you need to ensure your business and IT staff have the knowledge to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently and to make effective decisions regarding the deployment of the technology.

Olivehorse offers formal training courses and informal learning workshops delivered where and when you want them. All are designed by our experts to be as time-efficient and hands-on as possible. As our trainers are also consultants, the solutions we base our learning on can be brought to life with the context of real world implementations.

When implementing IBP you will also need guides, for introducing the solution to new user communities or new staff. Our people are adept at producing easy-to-understand, accessible documents – invaluable aides to staff wanting to quickly learn how to use your IBP solution.

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IBP Education

IBP Implementation

Ensure you get full value from your investment in Integrated Business Planning.

SAP IBP is a new and rapidly evolving product. As with any new software product, there is the risk of making poor design choices through lack of knowledge and prototyping. This in turn can lead to poor adoption, or even outright rejection by the business – and a failure to realise the solution’s many benefits.

We have invested in in-depth and hands-on IBP training for all of our delivery staff. We also maintain our own IBP system, integrated to APO, ECC, S/4 and SAP JAM systems, to provide a complete SAP planning landscape. So we can implement, check and understand new functionality before it is used in customers’ solutions.

All of our senior staff have at least 10 years’ experience delivering supply chain solutions to large and small enterprises in almost every industry sector. This experience gives us unrivalled domain knowledge to ensure solutions create value to your business. It also helps us guide customers towards the best decisions in the end-to-end planning process across different systems.

Our solution architects, application and functional consultants are expert in the full spectrum of IBP solutions, covering sales and operations to demand, inventory, response and supply and IBP Control Tower.  All our staff combine exceptional application knowledge and a pragmatic approach, delivering solutions that work in practice as well as theory.

Our approach and team structure are flexible and different for each client but all our projects aim to instil deep understanding and self-sufficiency in the client user and support teams. Every one of our implementations is directly led by one of our leadership team, giving you the best access to support where required.

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IBP Implementation

Olivehorse IBP Add-In

So why do we need another IBP Add-In?

You are able to meet many advanced requirements through either configuration of key figures in IBP itself and/or functionality provided by SAP’s IBP Add-In. However we have found some use cases ourselves and clients have suggested others that cannot be met as standard. Here are some examples:

  • IBP doesn’t calculate Day’s Supply unless you run a planning algorithm and then only at Product/Location level – and this cannot be aggregated across several locations.
  • I’d like to do some cross period calculations on key figures in the Excel View without having to add configuration in IBP itself.
  • There are some cross period calculations that are either very involved or impossible to configure in IBP without resort to LCode, which only SAP can do, or attribute transformations, which can have a performance impact.
  • I’d like to create some dynamic macros like we had in APO planning books.
  • I’m frequently changing a lot of cells with the same values – e.g. absolute or percentage uplift across many time periods or combinations. Can I have something to make this easier?
  • Master Data maintenance in IBP has neither validation nor lists of possible values – at least not in mass maintenance. Can I add this functionality?

Excel Add-In Overview
Olivehorse IBP Add-In