Scheduling & Execution

Whether you are implementing a new process, increasing asset utilisation or improving the agility of your scheduling capability, our experience will help drive value from your short term planning approach.

Our services are designed to release value, improving visibility and agility for your organisation. Our experience has been built up over 25 years of planning and scheduling within SAP environments, across CPG, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Hi-tech, Metals, and Aerospace & Defence.

Scheduling & Execution

We provide solutions for complex multi-level scheduling environments using heuristics based scheduling engines or optimisers where appropriate – our goal is to provide solutions that are appropriate for the problem without creating additional complexity.

The ability to create and maintain an agile, reactive schedule provides the foundations for a consistent supply signal to your distribution network and subsequently your customers. Executing manufacturing in line with your short term plan whilst taking account of demand, product mix, and throughput are the basic variables which your solution needs to be able to satisfy.

At Olivehorse we have the experience to help you model and maintain an agile responsive schedule, whilst providing the tools and know-how to support its execution, confirmation and completion in your shop-floor environment. Whether your scheduling and execution takes place solely within your SAP estate, or is split across complementary systems, our pragmatic approach will drive the appropriate solutions for your business, retaining alignment to business benefit, scalable solutions and growth

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Scheduling & Execution

Do you have a PPDS Roadmap?

Whether you are currently planning in ECC or using Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling within APO, you will need to consider your options with regard to your future platform. This may be driven by a number of factors, such as: functional enhancements or cloud strategy.

If you use PPDS in APO today, you will be aware that there is no direct replacement functionality in its successor offering, SAP’s ‘Integrated Business Planning’. Comparable functionality has been embedded within the ‘Advanced Planning’ add-on, within SAP’s S/4 HANA.

Our PPDS Migration Service analyses your current situation and your future requirements, providing a roadmap toward the most appropriate functionality in S/4 HANA, S/4 HANA Advanced Planning and the wider SAP ecosystem. It will aid you in your benefits case as well as identifying any challenges or areas where simplifications have been made when compared to your legacy solution.

Do you have a PPDS Roadmap?

Our ability to solve complex scheduling challenges

Keeping Your Schedule Agile

Through analysing planning horizons and processes Olivehorse have improved customer service and reduced component inventories for a range of clients. Our advanced heuristics and optimizer solutions not only enables schedulers to sequence orders more effectively when creating their plan, but also reschedules faster within the current week, adjusting to short term demand trends.

Our solutions address typical scheduling challenges, such as:

  • Multiple constraints
  • Advanced scheduling optimisation problems
  • Custom & automated setup matrices
  • Custom visual alerts
  • Complex pegging relationships


Resolving Multi-Level Scheduling Constraints

Olivehorse have enabled CPG, Food and Beverage clients to effectively model complex production networks. This stage of production often propagates constraints to down-stream activities and is itself a bottleneck which dictates the rate of finished product availability. Our experience in these industry sectors and our approach to these solutions have enabled our clients to schedule more effectively across semi-finished production networks.

Scheduling across multiple BoM levels introduces complex pegging relationships between orders. At Olivehorse we have worked with clients to provide solutions to maintain schedule integrity, providing toolsets to adjust plans, and highlighted exceptions, thereby maintaining output.

Downtime & Cycle Planning

Every company will look to utilize their production lines and assets in the most efficient and cost effective way. We are experienced in enabling our clients to obtain the best return on their investment. Whether grouping products into fixed cycles or minimising downtime by using dynamic setup matrices, our solutions will enable you to remain agile and responsive across your scheduling horizon.

Our ability to solve complex scheduling challenges

Do you understand your MRP results?

At the core of the majority of planning and scheduling applications, sits material requirements planning. The outputs drive different sourcing and production decisions at each stage of your planning horizon. It serves as the core input to sourcing, production and capacity planning. At Olivehorse we ensure that you are able to interpret the results and action exceptions with simple repeatable processes and outcomes.

Our areas of expertise are:

MRP Live – Allows one MRP run within S/4 HANA, planning materials flagged for advanced planning as well as all other MRP relevant materials. Its enhanced performance enables allows planners to model scenarios benefiting from reduced run times and scenario planning.

Predictive MRP – Predictive Material & Resource Planning provides comprehensive mid-term simulation capabilities. It allows the user to adjust requirements in real-time, reviewing how production and capacity changes would impact the overall plan to deliver.

Exception analysis – Olivehorse are experienced in providing simple intelligible approaches and solutions to interpreting the output of MRP. We ensure users understand how to process any issues, adding value within the standard planning cycle.

Procurement planning – Visibility of sourcing requirements over your entire planning horizon is core to maintaining a realistic plan. Whether you are looking at standard procurement, subcontracting, JIT schedule agreements, vendor collaboration or Ariba, Olivehorse are here to provide your solution and guide you on your SAP Procurement roadmap options.

Do you understand your MRP results?

Our agile approach to user adoption

Any advanced planning system relies upon the engagement of users to provide the correct plan. A key driver for success in any implementation is to present users with simple objectives which, when combined with their daily roles, result in scalable repeatable tasks which are understood.

User adoption and education are core objectives within all of our scheduling and execution engagements. Only when the user is comfortable with the tools to be used for each objective when building a plan or schedule, will they stay ‘on-system’, providing the correct outputs for downstream activities. Working ‘off-system’ consumes time and increases risk, eroding value from your initial benefits case.

Contact our team to gain insight into our approach to improving the user community’s confidence in using the systems available.

Our agile approach to user adoption