Success in consumer goods, energy utilities and resources, life sciences, manufacturing and telecoms

Olivehorse have been awarded the status of SAP Recognized Expertise in the following industries: Chemicals, Consumer Products and Life Sciences. Based on independent customer satisfaction feedback in each industry, this is recognition made to organisations by SAP for their industry domain expertise.

Consumer Goods

Our team has developed a deep understanding of the challenges of running high volume, fast moving supply chains. We understand that driving consistent ways of working across the planning processes is critical. The more you can standardise the processes, the more you can automate your supply chain planning. This frees up valuable time to plan strategically and means you can provide reliable accurate numbers to feed into your monthly planning cycles.

Energy, Utilities and Resources

The global Energy, Utilities and Resources landscape is undergoing a major shift triggered by technology developments, regulations, consumer preferences and investor sentiments. Through global maturity assessments, roadmaps on transitioning to digital supply chain and supply chain best practices, Olivehorse is helping its EUR clients navigate these fundamental organisational shifts.

Life Sciences

Every life science and pharmaceutical company wants to maximise its investment in R&D and manufacturing, whilst maintaining flexibility in response to market demands. Whether dealing with global blockbusters, generics or OTC consumer brands, we understand that all companies need to prioritise business objectives alongside those of the customer and the end patient.


Olivehorse’s global supply optimisation team has worked with manufacturers around the world helping them redefine their supply chains to become flexible and responsive networks, able to react quickly to opportunities without carrying excess capacity.


The ability for the telecommunications network to support the exponential growth of data transfer has been one of the critical enablers of the digitalization of the consumer experience. However the digitalization of the supply chains and infrastructure that supports the emerging business models is lagging and it is the development of these digital networks through the connectivity of devices that will drive an explosion in the demand for network capacity, speed, reliability and security over the next 10 years.