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As consumers switch to digital fulfilment and customer loyalty becomes fragmented, Olivehorse helps Consumer and Retail Wholesale organisations identify, understand, and respond to this rapidly evolving landscape. Consumers want more from their brands: transparency around environmental impact, customisable solutions and products that support well being. The team at Olivehorse has developed a deep understanding of the challenges of running high volume, fast moving supply chains by helping leading global CPG and Retail companies establish planning solutions that increase profits and build sustained value.

Customer stories

Health Check for a leading snacks company

Following the merger of two multinational food businesses, the supply planning function in the European region faced a number of challenges in making the standardised processes and tool set work for both legacy businesses. Olivehorse performed a focused assessment of the planning operation, covering all processes and systems. Olivehorse applied our established planning OH Health […]

1 minute read

Distribution, production and procurement planning at a large FMCG site

This was achieved by firstly buffering the raw and packaging materials, ensuring 100% availability, allowing the site to move from 56 days to nine days’ frozen period for production planning with zero impact of site efficiency or capacity. The distribution network was also buffered using DDMRP, this led to a 30% reduction in total inventory […]

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Featured Industry Insights & Solutions

Tank Planning

In the food and drinks industry a common challenge is the management of liquids in tanks. As process lead time become longer than packaging, there is a need for tank plans to manage this balance.

2 minutes read

Balancing responsiveness with operational efficiency

Consumers are driving the trend towards shorter order lead times and higher service levels. Without changing ways of working, this will drive increased operational costs.

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Founding Director

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