Industries: Life sciences and pharmaceutical tools and solutions

Every life science and pharmaceutical company wants to maximise its investment in R&D and manufacturing, whilst maintaining flexibility in response to market demands. Whether dealing with global blockbusters, generics or OTC consumer brands, we understand that all companies need to prioritise business objectives alongside those of the customer and the end patient.


The dynamics of life science and pharmaceutical supply chains are highly dependent on the inherent product lifecycle status. Increased competition and reducing margins across established products require innovative approaches to existing supply chains. The ability to prioritise and react to different streams of demand is essential to establishing a cost-effective supply model, limiting waste and maintaining an optimal product mix.

Key Challenges

  • • Growth brands need to be underpinned by a high service level to maximise the coverage and potential of the product. This is only achievable by quantifying the demand signal and analysing requirements against available capacity. Only if the constraints are recognised far enough in advance can the correct investment or trade-off decisions can be made.
  • • The manufacturing process within this industry is often multi-tiered and lead-time dependent. Multiple production locations need to operate in unison to support the route to market.
  • • The ability to interact seamlessly with contract or toll manufacturing entities should be the norm in today’s pharmaceutical value chain. The days of ‘silo mentality’ production should be long gone.
  • • Product differentiation will continue to increase as new markets and geographies are engaged.
  • • As the end-to-end supply chain expands there is an increased focus on service level, as well as inventory and working capital.
  • • The prerequisite for control is a robust, timely, scalable and repeatable set of processes which are embedded in a supply chain solution.

How we can help

We build scenario-driven supply chain solutions which compliment your business strategies across your product portfolio. Only by maintaining transparency within your operational plan will you provide the input needed for strategic decision making, thereby creating the foundation for future growth. We are recognised experts in the design and implementation of advanced planning solutions for some of the world’s largest supply chains.

Olivehorse Solutions

  • • Supply network optimisation models which prioritise supply against demand signals. Ensure replenishment is planned correctly to strategic markets or customers as part of a finite plan across your product mix.
  • • Capacity bottleneck modelling for any level across your primary, intermediate or finished good production process. The planning of complex constraints in production, or within your distribution network, will drive a feasible operational plan and ensure the focus is on the end patient.
  • • Process and tools to enable effective lifecycle planning across your product mix supported by product substitution or interchangeability.
  • • Solutions which ensure service level agreements are supported by the appropriate inventory models across your demand driven network.
  • • Enable integrated global S&OP cycles with SAP’s Integrated Business Planning suite. This pulls demand, supply and financial information into one platform, linked to your ERP and Advanced Planning Solution. All of the data required for strategic decision making is available in one place, without the need for endless extracts and data mining. Model the outcomes and apply the change to your operational plan.
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