Industries: Redefine your manufacturing supply chain

Olivehorse’s global supply optimisation team has worked with manufacturers around the world helping them redefine their supply chains to become flexible and responsive networks, able to react quickly to opportunities without carrying excess capacity.


Manufacturing supply chains are highly diverse – from process, asset intensive industries to hi-tech to heavy engineering. However the growing cost pressure resulting from the globalised competition, demanding regulatory requirements and the continuing fall-out from the financial crisis are common challenges facing all sectors.


  • • Globalisation of supply whilst delivering significant cost savings has led to long supply lead times and complexity in managing the extended network
  • • Global competition and the resulting innovation has led to highly configurable product designs and manufacturing processes
  • • The use of flexible manufacturing capabilities, often outsourced, increases agility but requires visibility of demand supply signals to flow seamlessly across enterprises
  • • As access to funding becomes harder, pressure grows to make the most of existing investments. The onus is on re-use and optimisation of current assets
  • • Supply chains are elongated, lead times increase and it becomes more critical to minimise working capital tied up in inventory by positioning it in the best way across the extended, multi-node supply chain

How we can help

The diverse dynamics of manufacturing present great opportunities for those who can innovate whilst keeping a lid on costs. Our team has designed and implemented global supply chain solutions across a range of manufacturing industries and have identified number of solutions that are universally valuable.


  • • Integrated supply management – solutions that bring together multiple supply chain partners to increase visibility of demand and supply signals, improving speed of response and agility whilst ensuring that all partners are working towards the same shared objectives
  • • Automated supply planning and optimisation tools that enable the balancing of multiple bottlenecks and constraints across the supply network, including inventory, transportation, manufacturing and customer service objectives
  • • Forecast and planning solutions which cater for high levels of product interchangeability and, where appropriate, product substitution
  • • Demand management solutions aimed at forecasting, responding and managing demand signals during peaks, such as those related to new product launches or version upgrades
  • • Scheduling solutions which optimise asset utilisation whilst considering preventative and responsive maintenance needs
  • • Inventory optimisation solutions across multi-echelons, catering for changing variability in demand and unpredictability in supply
  • • Demand driven MRP methodologies aimed at decoupling forecast demand and supply planning at critical strategic points, enabling speed of response whilst containing working capital
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