Industries: Telecommunications Providers Supply Chain Readiness

The ability for the telecommunications network to support the exponential growth of data transfer has been one of the critical enablers of the digitalization of the consumer experience. However the digitalization of the supply chains and infrastructure that supports the emerging business models is lagging and it is the development of these digital networks through the connectivity of devices that will drive an explosion in the demand for network capacity, speed, reliability and security over the next 10 years.


Whilst telecoms network providers have been at the centre of providing the technological advances in networks that have facilitated the digital growth until now they have not been able to convert this growth into equivalent profits.

Key challenges

  • • How to scale their supply chains and infrastructure to provide super resilient, secure networks with many times the bandwidth currently available
  • • How to take advantage of their position at the heart of the digital revolution to create new platforms, services and content that will enable them to capture an increased portion of the end to end profit pool.

How we can help

We are experts in designing and implementing advanced planning solutions that run some of the world’s largest FMCG supply chains, including Diageo, Unilever, McCormick, Kerry’s, Kellogg’s, Carlsberg and BAT . Examples of solutions we have developed for the consumer product supply chains include:

Olivehorse solutions

  • • Supply network optimisation models to help balance manufacturing capacity with inventory across hundreds of locations with many thousands of SKU codes
  • • Planning critical bottlenecks at finished good and intermediate levels to produce a constrained production plan
  • • Models for complex network relationships between pack lines and intermediate mixing resources, including tank capacity constraints
  • • Models for complex sequencing problems to help reduce changeover losses
  • • Planning solutions using Product Interchangeability function in SNP to help model discontinuation
  • • Detailed statistical forecast assessment, analysis and roadmap to ensure optimal level of statistical forecast generation
A few of our clients

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