Extend S&OP

Maturity Pack


We assess the current situation using our maturity framework to focus on the right areas to ensure effective delivery

The Problem?

Quicker and better decisions in your sales and operations planning process is hindered

Separate systems. Duplicate data entries and manipulation

Several planning spreadsheets. Manual update and no functionality

No reliable exception management system

Resulting in:

  • Working hard to ensure business performance
  • KPIs regularly impacted
  • Time consuming. Reports creation and review

Our Solution?

Implementation of SAP’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for Sales and Operations Planning solution using our Extend S&OP Maturity Pack

  • Sales and operations planning activities support
  • Adds functionality not available in current planning solutions
  • From 22 weeks implementation
  • Early training, sprint playbacks, solutions testing and business user support

The Value to You?

  • Reduced implementation times
  • Best-in-class technology solutions
  • Fast scenario planning capabilities
  • Integrated financialization capability
  • Powerful Excel based UI for planners
  • Enhanced reporting and analytical capabilities
  • Additional Olivehorse accelerators
  • System sized for your data

Benefits Case

KPI Improvements

Top Performers

Reduced their outstanding inventory days


Reduced their obsolete inventory by


Improved their on-time delivery by


Decreased their revenue loss due to stock outs


Improved their forecast accuracy by


Productivity Improvements

Top Performers

Improved their S&OP cycle time


Reduced their obsolete inventory by


Decreased their SCP FTE cost by