Migrate Demand

Maturity Pack


We assess the current situation using our maturity framework to focus on the right areas to ensure effective delivery

The Problem?

Using SAP Advanced Planner and Optimiser Demand Planning (APO-DP) for several years and looking to:

Leverage the advanced capabilities and user friendliness offered by SAP IBP for demand

Avoid being left running a platform that is out of mainstream support


  • Working hard to ensure business performance
  • Difficulties to plan and manage a new product development.
  • Buffering volatility by building high inventory levels

Our Solution?

A rapid, technical migration service to move you to IBP for Demand

  • Reduces timelines
  • Minimises customer resources required
  • Mainly remote delivery
  • Delivers the migration at an affordable cost

The Value to You?

  • Cost saved from move to a cloud solution
  • Best-in-class technology solutions
  • Leveraging IBP functionality
  • Powerful Excel based UI for planners
  • Enhanced reporting and analytical capabilities
  • More flexible aggregation and disaggregation functionality
  • Scenario Planning capabilities
  • Financialization

Benefits Case

KPI Improvements

Top Performers

Reduced their outstanding inventory days


Reduced their obsolete inventory by


Improved their on-time delivery by


Decreased their revenue loss due to stock outs


Improved their forecast accuracy by


Productivity Improvements

Top Performers

Improved their S&OP cycle time


Reduced their obsolete inventory by


Decreased their SCP FTE cost by