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I am a member of the Olivehorse Telco Team. My broader supply chain experience across a range of other industries means I am well positioned to advise Telco companies to achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence, but also to ensure through system adoption they profit from their planning systems.

“I do believe that user adoption is one of the key elements in implementing Supply Chain Planning systems, making planners part of the journey is key. It is the only way to leave a lasting and positive legacy within planning and enables a more efficient and integrated business planning process.”

My experience in TMT space includes:

  • Supply Chain Reorganisation for a leading Mobile phone company with a focus on transforming planning for handsets.
  • Implementing end-to-end operational planning systems, for handsets, accessories and sims for a large mobile phone organisation. Transforming their planning systems from Excel based to integrated operational planning system.
  • SAP Programme Management
  • SCM Supply Chain Architecture
  • FMCG Supply Chains

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