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I deliver supply chain improvement initiatives and advise on improvements to process maturity and planner adoption in the Manufacturing and Engineering sector.

“When it comes to digitising supply chains, lasting result can only be achieved by adapting the roadmap according to the business maturity and strategic ambition.”

More recently, my experiences have included:

  • Leading a supply chain improvements programme in the US for a Global Petrochemical Lubricants business,
  • Driving a global review and improvements project focused on improving customer order fulfilment, at a Polymer and Specialty Plastics manufacturer,
  • Leading a global SAP IBP implementation programme for a global Power Supplies producer
  • Leading a review of planning processes covering cracker optimisation and polyethylene & polypropylene production cycles at a UAE based Petrochemicals Advanced Packaging Solutions manufacturer,
  • Driving improvements in production planning processes for a UK based Military Ground Vehicles manufacturer,
  • Designing integrated SAP project system and manufacturing solutions for engine build at a leading UK Civil Aero Engines manufacturer.

My broader supply chain experience across a range of other industries means I am well positioned to advise a range of industries to achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence.

  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Production Scheduling
  • Anaplan

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